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VES (Veale Energy Services) has evolved from a pure engineering organisation through involvement in the electrical power generation industry to promoting and designing solutions for maximising efficiency in both the generation and use of energy. As availability of traditional resources in the production of energy become scarcer, combined with the impact of these on the environment, alternative and innovative measures are increasingly necessary, to define a sustainable and responsible future.

At VES we have directed our focus to providing renewable and energy conservative domestic building while combining these with systems which promote greater independence in generating energy requirements. The specification of materials requires careful consideration of availability and production in balance with energy and economic benefits. The subject of material choice, insulation and constructability are key issues in this area. While the consideration of units using renewable resources, and generation of energy from solar and wind energy provide sources previously and to a large extent ignored. On the commercial side VES is promoting the use of equipment and devices designed to correct losses and promote efficiency in lighting, cooling and heat transfer.

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